#KnowThyself, #LoveThyself, #FreeThyself.

Inspired by many.
Lookin to be steadfast in all that I do.


[Image: Steve Rogers lying on a sofa, drawing; Bucky Barnes leans over Steve, saying “What are you doing?” Steve tucks his drawing pad to his chest, saying “N-nothing.” Bucky reaches for it, saying “Let me see!” Steve tries to hold it out of Bucky’s reach, but Bucky ends up with it, and sees that the drawing is himself, naked, the Captain America shield in front of him. Possibly Steve: “NOOOOO!!!”]

I frickin love this.

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I need a strong ass blunt right now

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Happy Easter & 4/20 guys

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there are seven billion people on this planet and i have like four friends in real life

yes. literally tho!